Sunday, May 24, 2009

Movie Marathon & Apartment Shopping

Hey everyone! How's everyone's weekend going! Mine has been okay, just been bumming at home on the new couch all weekend watching movie after movie since we rented about 10 from the video store the other night. Can't pass it up when they off you half price on all movies for 2 weeks! Especially when there new releases are only $2.60 and everything else is normally .50-$1. Love Family Video!

Loving the comfy new couch! It looks a lot bigger in an living room of an apartment than when it's on the showroom floor. It's a monster, but we love it! The only other thing we've been doing over the weekend is apartment hunting. Even though our lease isn't up until middle of September we still have to give our apartment 60 days notice we are moving out. So after looking at a couple places, we actually found a complex right down the road that had crazy deals! It was had to pick which apartment we wanted because we had it narrowed down to the 2 bedroom 1 bath and the 2 bedroom 2 bath. The tricky part was you had the choice on both styles for classic or renovated. Of course the classics were way cheaper because they didn't have the new cabinets and granite counter tops. We finally decided on the biggest layout, which was 1100 square feet, 2 bedroom & 2 bath in the classic style. It has a fireplace and the biggest kitchen! We'll actually be able to get our huge kitchen table out of storage and put it in the kitchen. Plus we even have a bar area with tons of storage underneath. It also has a fireplace...yeah!! Only downside was no washer and was $40 extra a month to get an apartment with one and we requested 1st floor, so there is a laundry room literally right ourside the door, so that's not a big deal. Anyways, so glad to get that all out of the way so early, so we weren't scrambling to find something last minute. Now we'll just have to start going through stuff and pitching stuff we don't need and donating stuff we don't use anymore to make the move easier. Heck, we'll probably even start packing up stuff we don't use. Well, that has been my weekend. I volunteered to work tomorrow since we stayed in town and it's only for 4 hours! But the extra money helps! Anyways, enjoy the rest of your weekend! Bye!

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  1. Grats on finding a new place so quickly and with so much time to spare! I know how it is having to scramble to find something. And grats on the new couch..don't you just love the feel of a new fluffy comfy couch? My weekend has been hectic but good. Gotta keep workin on stuff..hope work goes fast for you tomorrow!