Friday, November 14, 2008

Show You Blog Some Love!

Want an awesome blog layout, header, banner, avatar, etc...I'll take care of all your needs. Just e-mail me and tell me what you'd like. I can also include any photographs you'd like incorporated into anything, such as a header. Don't hesitate to contact me, even if you have a question...I don't bite :)

*Please e-mail me to get your name on the waiting list. Current wait time from date of request is one week.*

Header $20
Incorporate personal photos, special text effects, cute graphics, and more.

Background Image $15
From graphic and modern to traditional and textured, you're blog is gonna look HOT.

Layout Editing and Color Coordination $5

For only a couple bucks I'll match your whole layout to your header image.
Choose from 2 or 3 column layouts, borders, different colors and fonts, etc... This really can tie your whole look together!

Button $10

Publicize your blog with a button that readers can grab for their own site!

Navigation Links $10 (5 links)

These are the links that go across the top or side of your page for easy navigation thru your awesome blog. Five links are standard, or it's only $2 per link. Links with an icon are $3 each.

I like to think everyone is unique, just like my designs, so I don’t pre-package anything. You want what YOU want, so pick and choose ­what suits you best.

Any order over $35 will receive 10% off!

Any order over $50 will receive 20% off!


I want you to have EXACTLY what you want. So if we need to go through a few drafts before I get it just right, that's fine! I'm not going to charge you if you want to make changes. The point is to be happy with my work. If you're not, then I didn't do my job, right?

I install everything myself. Simple! Unless you'd like to do it yourself, which is totally fine.

I accept payments via PayPal.

The teensy print: Products, services, and prices are subject to change. Once the final draft is confirmed, any changes made afterwards are subject to charges. Drafts of projects may not be used until the final copy is approved. All images and headers are the sole property of ME, and are subject to removal with non-payment. Half of total payment is due upfront. Payment in full is required after final draft is approved and before use. Wait times are approximate and subject to change at any time.

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