Thursday, November 13, 2008

All About Jenn

I initially started this blog for the same reason everyone else does. Just to write about life & to keep in touch with friends! I like movies, hanging out with family, doing crafty things, and I am also really into graphic design. So as you can imagine, one of my fave parts about blogging is playing with my layout. Out of pure and utter boredom I've been doing a weekly giveaway for a free custom blog header or etsy banner to try to get my name out there. It allows me to practice and build up my portfolio, plus I think it's tons of fun!!

Several of those people suggested I start selling blog layouts because they liked the headers so much, so I went ahead and opened up an Etsy shop to try to promote my work...had several hits, but only a purchase or two so far. Hopefully, I'll get some more customers before long once I get my name out there a little more.

So I decided that I'd start designing blog layouts, headers, banners, avatars & business card that people would love that were original, unique, high quality, and inexpensive. I am a newbie at the blog design thing, but I promise to design you an awesome bloggy layout!

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