Saturday, June 6, 2009

One Thing After Another

Whew...two weeks since my last post. Boy time flies! Well, last weekend one of our cars broke down across town. So since we didn't have money for a tow, we ran to Wal-mart and bought a cheap tow rope and roped it to our other car and dragged that sucker clear across town. Now that was a trip. Of course I was the one in the broke down car to steer it, but when you don't have any power you lose the brakes, so it was a game of bumper cars on the way home. Very entertaining! Luckily, we hit all green lights most of the way home, so that was a relief! Luckily, when we were doing some research online trying to figure out what was wrong with the car, we went on craigslist and found an out of work mechanic willing to do cheap labor and we also found a guy that was able to tow the car to the mechanics house for like $30! We took the car over on Wednesday night and were able to pick the car back up last night (Friday)! The guys was cheap and fixed the problem, which was a broken timing belt.

Now last night, I decided to do a load of laundry right before I went to bed. So I threw in the clothes and started the washer. In the meantime, I decided to take my daily bubblebath. Well, when I got out of the tub there was water all over the floor. I just figured maybe the toilet overflowed because I flushed it right before I got in the tub and started the water and when the water is running you can't really hear anything else. So, I thru down a couple of towels to try to soak up the water. But the water just kept coming and I was really confused. So I yelled for Dan to bring me the mop and when he brought that back to me in happened to check the washer and when he opened the door to the closed that it's in the water was gushing out of the bottom of the it was running under the wall in the bathroom...under the carpet in the hallway and even managed to run into the second bathroom on the other side, under the sink cabinet and out onto the floor. What a mess and to was 11:00 at night. So, we called maintenance who wasn't happy to have to come out. For some odd reason the on-call maintnance man lives 45 minutes away. You would think they'd have someone that lives on property as on-call maintenance.

Now things happen in three's, so sure enough...we wake up this morning and no hot water! Yep, the pilot light went out on the hot water heater! So, they just came back and reinstalled the washer and got the pilot light lit, so we should have everything fixed now! Keep your fingers crossed!

So, after all of that crap...I decided to go on a shopping spree this morning, which I never do, but Bath & Body Works is having there semi-annual sale right now and it just so happens that I finally ran out of all my stuff from past Christmas's and birthdays, so I splurged and bought $85 worth of stuff, but if I would have bought everything I did without the sale I probably would have spent a good $200+! So, I'm happy...I got a lot of good smelling stuff and I gotta have my bubble bath. Anyways, that's been my eventful week! Guess I better go try to do laundry again and hope they fixed the washer right and it doesn't explode water everywhere again! Talk to you later!

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  1. I'm sorry all that happened to you. I hope it starts to get better!