Sunday, May 17, 2009


Long time, no see people! Keepin busy here trying to put in some overtime at work here and there when I can, so don't even want to look at the computer when I get home. Haven't been up to a whole lot latey. Enjoyed the sun that was out all day yesturday even though it was a bit chilly because of the wind, but that's Chicago for ya! We went and put our down payment on the new couch we are getting and we are going to have that delivered on Friday this excited! Can't wait & it's going to be a 3 day weekend to boot, so we'll actually have somewhere comfy to sit when we have our movie marathons. I would have liked to have gone somewhere for the long weekend, but between mid-month bills and that down payment...I'm wiped out in the moo-la catergory! It goes fast!

Yesturday afternoon we headed out to Hammond, Indiana to go see the comedian Lewis Black in concert at the Horseshoe Casino. It was an awesome show! I was nearly in tears a good part of it I was laughing so hard. If you don't know who Lewis Black is...go look up some of his stand up on You Tube. If you seen the movie "Accepted" he was the one playing the part of the dean of the fake college. Anyways, he was a riot and it was so worth the drive to go see him. The drive wasn't so bad, but we did get stuck in traffic and were worried about being late but we actually got there an hour early. After the show we were walking around the casino, so we decided we'd try our luck with the one dollar bills we had on us. We had six, so I took $3 and Dan took $3...I went to one machine and it was a nickel slot and I won a couple dollars right away, but lost it all pretty quick. Then Dan walks up and shows me this voucher...he won $50...lucky duck! It was gone though as soon as we hit Chicago because we were hungry since we didn't eat before the show, so we got in Chicago around 11pm, so we stopped off at The Hard Rock Cafe since they were still open. After that, we headed home and crashed about as soon as we got tired after a long day! That about sums up my weekend. Today was just a lazy day of laundry and I baked and decorated a couple dozen cupcakes and then make up a batch of chocolate chip & walnut cookies. Then I chopped up some watermelon...made some sloppy joe's. I still didn't get everything cooked I planned on today, oh well! Anyways, still got some laundry that needs folding, so I better wrap it up. Talk to y'all soon!

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  1. Hey girl! I've heard of Lewis Black... I think my husband is a fan, not sure though, haha. I'm ya know, an average Jay Leno fan myself, :)

    What a cute blog! This is my first time visiting! I just voted for you on Blogger's Choice '09, that's what brought me over here. Good luck!

    I'm not trying to spam you or anything but I have a blog in the Best Parenting Blog category and I'd love to have your vote!

    Thanks so much!