Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Same to all you blogger mom's out there too! Hope everyone had a great day. How was everyone's weekend? Mine was quite dull. I went to work on Saturday for some overtime while it was available...I was going to try to work 7.5, but I could only tolerate staying for 5.5hrs. I got done the main thing I wanted to get done, so I took off 2 hours early. Didn't really do anything once I got home though other than watch a movie and some t.v. Today we woke up fairly early because the sun was shining so bright in our bedroom. I looked at the clock and it was only like would have thought it was noon as bright as it was already. Irritating when you want to sleep in. So we just flipped on the t.v. and watched some older shows. Then Dan had to go help a friend load up his U-haul truck, so I got the kitchen cleaned up and got the laundry started while he was out. Then I got a call from the furniture store offering us a different financing option, so we ran over to the store and got approved. So when payday gets here this week, we can make a down payment and the couch will be ours! YES!!! I can't's a comfy couch! Even though we got it fully warranteed and stainguarded I already told Dan no eating on the new couch because he gets stuff everywhere. Now the trick will be trying to get the old couch out of the house and to the dumpster. It's big and heavy and just awkward to try to carry & we have to get it out before they deliver because they aren't allowed to move it...bummer! For all I care, we can go buy a chainsaw and chop up the old couch and carry it out in pieces since it's completely fallen apart anyways. It lasted a good 5 years though...can't complain. I'll include a picture of the new couch below. We were actually wanting leather and could have gotten the couch we picked in leather, but we both really liked the microfiber. I think the color is what drew us in and I would have never thought I would have bought a colored couch, but we couldn't resist!


  1. That's a pretty couch!

    If you don't have a hand truck for getting the old couch out, consider getting it onto an old blanket or tarp and dragging it out. That's what I had to do before, too weak to pick the thing up for more than a second or two.

  2. LOVE your new couch. Great color.

  3. Thanks gals! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the couch is pretty! Thanks for the tips on getting the couch out Dame!

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