Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too Cute Not to Share

Hey blogland! Not too much going on here! Wanted to try to enjoy the 85 degree weather when I got off work, but of course it was thunderstorming and downpouring by the time I got off...bummer! Haven't been up to much lately, so not really much to report. The only thing "crafty" I've managed lately is to make about 5 beta vases, but I don't put fish in mine...that's just mean! They have all really taken off in the past week or so and are all getting tons of new leaves. Not sure if it's just the time of year it is or if they just really liked getting there roots cleaned off and getting out of the cramped little pot of dirt that I bought them in. So far, I've got two at home and the other three I made at work. I've got one on my desk, made one for my best friend at work and then I made one for my boss because he wants plants in his office, but he keeps killing them, so I told him he couldn't kill this one as long as he kept the roots covered with water! Needless to say, he loved it!

My main reason for posting today is because I seen this video someone posted on my facebook page and it was just too darn cute not to share. This kid in this video is rocking out with some major dance moves...the booty smack is the best! Hope you enjoy it...I did! Here is the link:

Dance moves that rock! @ Yahoo! Video

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  1. Your beta vases are beautiful! And humane. I agree that the vases are just too small for the betas, bless their little fishy hearts.