Friday, February 20, 2009

Ready To Throw Computer Out the Window!

Hey everyone! Friday is finally here...yay!! Well, last night my computer finally bit the dust. I just don't understand how it's got a virus when I have all the software in place to prevent it. I've scanned and scanned, quarantined and deleted and nothing is working. I'm going to mess around with it a little tomorrow to see if I can find anything to fix it...someone suggested looking for the virus in my processes, but I have no idea what I'd be looking for and I don't want to delete anything that I don't know what it's for! Whatever virus is on the computer pulls porn up, so that really sucks!

If I'm not able to get it fixed, I may just have to try to see about using the computer lab at the apartment office, but it doesn't have the software I need, so I apologize for everyone who is still patiently waiting on there blog header! If I'm not able to get to it soon...I will get to it as soon as I possibly can. We have another computer, but the same thing is wrong with it, so we packed it up and shipped it to Dan's uncle in Missouri to fix since he built that computer. It's a super fast computer, so it he can just wipe it out totally and start from scratch we'll be good! Guess how much it cost to ship out the computer (just the tower)......$73! Can you believe that...highway robbery! We took it to UPS, so they could pack it good and stuff, but it was darn near $50 to ship it at the cheapest rate, then a fee for the customer service and fee for the box, and a fee for fuel, and on and on! So we told his uncle to hang onto the packing and maybe he can ship it back to us cheaper via USPS. What a pain! Wish I knew more about computers than I do, so I could fix the darn things myself.

I swear I was born with a little black rain cloud over my head! I have the worst luck as you can tell, between things breaking and getting sick lately. Then to top it all off I got in my car to go home from work yesturday and I had to about put my foot through the floor board to about instant panic attack! Well, by the time I got home the Brake light came on and started dinging....I had lost all the break fluid. So, Dan and I ran out to get some brake fluid...put it in and it was gone when I went out to get in the car this morning...darn it! So, I took the other car, which we just fixed last week and left Dan with the dud, so he took it to CarX and had it checked out and it was the porpotion valve or something but they wanted $300+ to fix it, so he tried another place and they could do it for $180, so we just had it done to get it out of the way...can't go without brakes! Just glad it's fixed! Now I'm just waiting to get struck by lighting or some other random bad luck to get me. It never ends! Well, my lunch break is over...better head back to my desk to finish out the day! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Okay, honey, yer computer has been hijacked. What you do, is you go to a place like CNET(dot)com or you go over to majorgeeks(dot)com, and you download the Hijack This program, you run it, you post what it says on the FORUM over at majorgeeks, and the geeks there tell you what is wrong and how to fix it. The forum is at http: // forums.majorgeeks . com (but w/o the spaces) -- go to their homepage first, don't be afraid, they are on the up and up.

    You can also find other forums where they are good about letting you post what Hijack This finds, and then telling you what to remove. I always do donate to them but it is NOT required. They just save me lots of money whenever that happened when I used to get those hijack viruses. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

  2. It is annoying to fix, but don't give up. Olde Dame Penniwig gave you a good resource.

    Maybe you should get a Mac :)

  3. That's why I finally broke down and got a Mac. (I'd gone through 3 PC's in a year, one year!!!)

  4. Thanks for the advice Olde Dame Penniwig! I'll try that if I can actually get online...the computer isn't doing much of anything right now and freezes up, so I'll give it a try tomorrow! Thanks again! I think I'll definitely be looking into getting a Mac next time!