Thursday, February 19, 2009

In One Word...

AWESOME! The Celtic Women - Isle of Hope Concert was spectacular! I'd go see it again in a heartbeat! Definitely worth the money if you get a chance to go!! The music rocked my socks off...I'd of been content though not hearing anybody sing and just watching the little blond on the fiddle skipping and spinning around the stage like a pixie devil on crack...she can play the fiddle like no's just awesome to get to watch! I was still feeling lousy, but not as bad as I have been feeling, so it wasn't bad. Just had to keep poppin cough drops, so I wouldn't break out into a coughing fit. It was so cool...about an hour or so into the concert they did one of there big songs and everyone thought that was it and then an announcement came over the speaker system that there would now be a 20 minute the show ran from 7:30-10! Couldn't have asked for a better show! I loved watching the old people down on the main floor in the front row...they'd really get to clapping when the fiddler would come out. This little old man looked like he was about ready to jump out of his cute!

As for me, I'm about 70% better than at the beginning of the week. The nurse called from the doctors office I went to on Tuesday and evidently there was a mystery spot on my chest X-ray and they didn't know what it was and the radiologist didn't know...just called it an opacity, whatever that is. So said I should probably follow up with a doctor and get a catscan...great! What next?! So, I went ahead and scheduled a doctors appointment for next Wednesday. Hopefully, it's nothing, but I'm not going to worry about it...I'm just trying to get better from getting knocked on my ass from this bronchitis.

Well, I certainly hope everyone else's week is going better than mine! I'll just be glad when Saturday gets here....SLEEP! I could have slept all day today, but I couldn't take another day off. I woke up to the alarm this morning, which never happens...I'm always up a little before it goes off automatically. Anyways, my plan for Saturday is SLEEP...if possible! Sometimes, sleep doesn't come easy to me. Then Saturday afternoon the annual Dive Expo is in Rosemont, so I can't wait to get to go! Last year was the first year we missed since being in the area and that was because it was earlier last year for some reason and it was the same weekend we got back from our St. Thomas, USVI vacation and we just didn't have the money or the energy to go when we got back. We had our fill of Scuba Diving in the islands though, so we weren't too disappointed that we missed the expo last year. It's always such a good time to just to and visit with the exhibitors which are anyone from people from major corporations selling dive gear or people from other countries promoting there dive cool...can't wait! Anyways, that about wraps it up for now! I'll talk to y'all later! Ciao!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. And the concert to.


  2. I am glad you are doing a little better. Take it easy, still, because its easy to over do it and be worse than before.