Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day blogger buddies! Hope you all had a good one! Mine was about as good as it could get considering my computer is about to crash & I got hubby-to-be's cold full-fledged! Totally sucks and I lost my voice because of all the coughing and drainage...blech! Not very romantic for V-day! I thought I out did Dan this year because I got him a container of turtles (Yummy!), "What About Bob?" dvd & a foot spa which he asked for! I opened up my bag and pulled out that hilarious card with the cheez'in dog on the front...cracks me up! Then I pulled out the devil bear and a bag of chocolates. A bear and chocolates was all I needed to make me happy. Then Dan asked, "Why did you get me gifts? I didn't get you any." I said, "Sure you did, the bear and chocolates." He then said, "Well, I guess you'll just have to check out the bottom of the gift bag for your gift." Of course, I grabbed the bag...nothing in the bottom, so I flipped it over and sure enough on the outside bottom of the bag I found a ticketmaster envelope taped to the bag, so I ripped it off and tore it open and it was 2 tickets, for this Wednesday night at the Chicago Theatre to see Celtic Women live in concert...I'm so excited! He knows I love them and I'm mezmerized by there concerts everytime they have a PBS special! 1st row..balcony...AWESOME!!!

Anyways, hope everyone had a great day! For those of you with blog header requests in, I will try to get to some if not all of them computer is being tempermental, so it's going to depend on that! Thanks for your patience! Have a great night! XOXO


  1. WOW he did good huh? Have a great time babe!! I'll be sending my Irish chick vibes your way on the day.. 1st row balcony no less... BITCHIN'

  2. OOH that is awesome!!!!!!!!!! THey are so beautiful!!

  3. That is awesome Jen!!!! He did good. Have a blast and i'm sending the get well vibes your way so you can be full health to enjoy that fabu concert

  4. He did good!!! I hope you feel better!
    Take care!