Thursday, December 4, 2008

One More Day Till the Weekend!

I'm so ready for the weekend to get here! It's been the longest week ever after having 5 days off for Turkey Day! Well last night I went home and to my surprise Dan went out and bought a X-mas tree! We had originally said we weren't going to bother this year since we always do X-mas at the parents house, but I've got him hooked on live X-mas trees ever since our first X-mas together. Anyways, as tired as I was last night, we did some arranging and made a spot for the tree and got it in the stand. Then we got out the lights and none of those little turkeys worked! So we made a trip out in the snow to Wal-mart to get some lights. Once we got home we got the lights on, all our ornements from the islands over the years and some ribbon. Doesn't look too shabby! I'd post a pic, but our internet is down and out at the moment, so I'm having to post from work during my lunch break. Guess I could put the pics on my home computer and transfer them to a jump drive...maybe I'll get around to that tonight. Only bad side of a live we have needles all over the living room floor! BLAH! As for snow, we didn't get the 5 inches last night that they were originally calling for, but we got at least a couple inches and man did it make some places slick. I was heading to work this morning and the van was on a downward incline coming to a stop light and the van wouldn't about panic. Luckily I got it stopped before hitting anybody, but I wasn't sure. Then after I got stopped, some other lady went whizzing by me in a 360...not fun! I just hope the roads are a little clearer tonight when I head home. It's suppose to get down to a chilly 9 degrees here tonight...BRRR! Anyways, I guess I better wrap this up since I'm on my lunch break and have a 2 hour training to go to here shortly...BLAH! Ta Ta For Now!

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  1. Ahh the joys of a live reason we have stuck with a fake one...had a live one once and i am not into running the sweeper every can't wait to see pics...I am gonna try to post some of mine today once i make a few more additions to it. Drive careful!