Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekends Are A Drag!

I use to love weekends....couldn't wait till the work week was done, so I could take those 48 hours to indulge in whatever I wanted.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy not working for two days in a stuff office, but with me in Florida & my fiance' in Ohio...the weekends are lonely and depressing!  I go from sitting in a stuffy office 5 days a week to sitting couped up in my house on the weekends with nothing to do.  I thought Orlando would be great and wonderful, but it's totally boring!  It's too expensive to go to any of the attractions & even if I could afford it, who wants to go to an amusement park or anywhere for that matter, by themselves.  BORING!

Anybody have any ideas of things to keep yourself occupied?  I'm growing bored or spending my days sitting on the couch having nothing to do, but surf the internet and watch various dvd's.  I'm going stir crazy....any and all ideas welcome!

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