Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet Bubba!

Holy cow it's been ages since I last posted! I've gotten really bad about keeping up my blog. Anyways, I had to at least make a post today to show off our new dog! His name is Bubba & he is one and a half years old. We got him from a nice couple out in the country who breeds dachshunds, but they had to find a new home for Bubba because his dad kept attacking him. He's such a good little guy...doesn't bark at all! Dan said the only time he heard him bark today is just the little bark he let out when I got home, but I think it startled him when I came in since he was sleeping on the couch. But I gave him a treat and took him out in the yard for a potty break and he warmed right up to me. Bubba!


  1. He is precious. What a sweet temperament, too. I love doxies!

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