Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

Hey everybody! Long time, no post! Is everyone enjoying their Earth Day? I am, now that I'm off work...such a long day! If you didn't already know about the new Disney movie "Earth" that came out you know! If you go during opening week, for each ticket purchased, Disney will plant a tree in your, huh?! I definitely want to try to make it to the movies so I can watch looks so good and all of the animals are so darn adorable. I guess this movie has been 5 years in the making in order to get all the that would have been a cool job to have! Anyways, just wanted to spread the word. By the way, I just registered for my rebate to try Reynolds Wrap Foil from 100% recycled aluminum for free! Just visit: You can only get the rebate today for Earth Day, so go print off your coupon. Can't pass up free stuff!
Not much else going on! Just got home, so I through together a quick dish of scalloped potatos to go with the huge ass spiral ham I baked last night...I'm going to be eating good in about an hour and a half! Yummo! Well, I think I'm going to through in a movie while I wait for things to cook. Talk to y'all later!

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