Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Dan & I are at mom and dads for the weekend. Thought we'd come in for dads birthday, unfortunately we have to head back to Schaumburg the rain...blah! It got too late Friday to head out, so we got up at 4am yesturday morning to head out hear and got out of the house by 5am and arrived around 9am. Stopped in Burlington first because I wanted to run out to Ritters Greenhouse to pick up something first. The greenhouse looks so awesome right now! Then we ran over to Staples to say "Hi" to my sis since she had to work from 9-5 yesturday. After she got home we all headed out to go bowling, which was alot of fun. Especially since I beat everyone in the first game. I was shocked with my score myself...I've never bowled a 151 before! Of course, my luck wore off and I sucked the last two games. Oh well, it was fun. Then we went out to Pizza Hut for some good ass pizza. If you haven't tried the stuffed crust before, I'd definitely recommend it. It was sooo good & I hadn't ever had it before! Then we came home and I crashed, partially from exhaustion from being up so early and then 3 beers helped in that too. At least I slept good which usually doesn't happen when I'm not in my own bed. All got up this morning and ate a big breakfast, so now we're just sitting around watching "The Rookie". I'm so not looking forward to driving home today...that means I have to go to work in the morning...BLAH!! Well, hope everyone had a great weekend like I did. I'll try to blog more...I've just been side tracked for the past week or so and haven't even wanted to turn on the computer by the time I get home in the evenings from work. Talk to you all later!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dennis!!! Glad you had a good visit back home. We are planning on being back for the 4th and actually the week before. It will be nice to be there when it's warm and the kids can have water gun fights with