Monday, March 30, 2009

The Snow Is Gone Already!

Hey everyone! Well, the snow that we got yesturday, was gone by this afternoon. Got up this morning and it was already getting close to 40, so at least that didn't stick around. It was a nice sunny day here, but I hear we are forcasted to get rain pretty much the rest of the week...blah!

Well, finished up the first season of Lost this weekend and then we ran over to the video store as soon as we were done and grabbed the 2nd season...we're hooked now! Get home and put the dvd in and it won't play, so we try a different dvd..won't play..the son of a gun died on us! Then we thought we'd try playing it in the bedroom on the playstation died on us too! We knew their days were limited, but who would have thought both dvd players would go out in the same day! Lucky for me, my awesome friend at work said she has an extra she's going to give me...SWEET!

Not much else to tell...just a typical Monday! I did want to mention an awesome giveaway taking place over at Primitive Mom of Two! Head on over to sign up, she's got a whole lot of goodies that anyone who wins will be estatic about winning! Make sure to check out her etsy shop too...Handmade With Love..she makes a whole bunch of random things that'll just rock your socks off! Don't miss out!

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  1. Glad your snow is gone! Thanks for the shop and blog promo! Hope your week goes well, even if you get rain, it's better than snow!