Sunday, March 22, 2009

Loving This Spring Weather!

Hey blogger buddies! What great weekend weather we are's so nice to have the heat off and the windows open to let in some fresh air! Just a typical Sunday, cleaning, laundry, etc... Dan's aunt invited us over for Sunday lunch at 2:00 last minute, but I left all the laundry for today, so I had to send Dan along for some good ass food without me...oh well, I'm sure he'll be bringing home some of her good 'ol southern cookin'! Went bowling this morning and boy did this weeks games suck for both of us...I didn't ever break 100...I think I bowled a 98, 99 & a! I think I'm going to make one of my awesome homemade chicken pot pies for good and so much better than those rinky dink frozen things! I've spent most of the afternoon so far working on my back log of blog headers from my February deal. I think I've got about 5 left to go! Watched the movie "Twilight" last night and Oh my god...such a great movie! Plus I'm totally head over heels for anything vampire..just love it! I'm definitely going to be buying that movie when it gets marked down at the video store! I heard some people at work say they were disappointed in the movie because the books were so much better, but I never got to read the books, so give it a big thumbs up! Anyways, guess I better go fold some laundry! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

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  1. Hey we watched Twilight last night too! Of course i picked it apart in my mind cause i read the book first and i always seem to be a bit dissappointed with movies after I read the books...but it was good, I can't wait for the next one to come out now!!