Monday, March 9, 2009

I Killed The Car!

I really did it this time...took the car out Saturday to head off to my doctors appointment and since it was raining I turned on the headlights. Turns out I forgot to turn them off! Went to go get in the car yesturday morning and it was dead as a doornail! Tried jumping it today and that didn't even work, so hubby-to-be is at Autozone as we speak having them charge the battery for us, so hopefully that works! It's an older car, so it doesn't "ding" when you leave the lights on, as you're getting out of the car and it was light enough out that I didn't even notice the lights being on...darn it! Leave it to me!
Anybody else not liking the time change! I'm sure not! It was horrible to have to get up this morning and it was still pitch black out and then it was still dark the whole drive to work...blah! The past couple of days just seemed to fly by so quick!'s already 7pm and I can't believe it! Guess it just takes a few days to get used to, but right now I ain't diggin' it!

Didn't do much this weekend. Just watched a few movies, "Sleeping Beauty" & "The Dutchess". I forgot how funny that little blue fairy, Merriweather was...she was a little spitfire! Even funnier, my friend at work has said before that I remind her of Merriweather. Now the movie, "The Dutchess" wasn't exactly how I thought it was going to be, but it was pretty good. Not sure if I like it better than, "The Other Boelyn Girl" was another one of those period pieces. It is definitely worth watching just to see all the gorgeous different dresses!
Not much else going on...still plugging away on my backup of blog headers. It's taking me a little longer than planned. Just need to get my groove back! Well, that's about it for now. Have a good night!

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  1. Oh my-hope your car will be alright! I love that nutty lil fairy too!Hope you have a terrific week~Tam!:D