Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guess What I Did Today!?

Hello bloggerland! Guess what I did today?? We had a blood drive at work and I've been contemplating it for monthes, but since they only wanted us originally to go during our lunch hour I was hesitant since I didn't know how long it would take, so I didn't sign up. Then my boss stopped by Stephanie's desk and asked if she or anyone on the team was donating blood today and if so that we get a hour paid to do it, so I was like "Awesome"! Stephanie was like, "Don't Think So"! Finally after some coaxing she said, "I'll do it if you do it"...I think she was hoping for a "No", but I was like, "Come On", so we headed over fearing the almighty needle since she has basically fainted or passed out just when having to have a vile of blood So they were busy at noon, so we signed up for 1:30....that sucked having to wait that long! When 1:30 finally rolled around we ventured over...I gave her my stuffed Cheshire Cat to hold like a little 5 year old and then the wait began. We went through the initial registration....then waited and waited. I think our paid hour was up before we even got called over to get the donation started. So, I went first and Stephanie followed not to long behind me....of course I got a little hot and nauseated when the nurse was like, "Man, you're really going" at that point I felt like all of my blood just go sucked out of me at once so they brought over an ice pack and put it on the back of my neck....granted I wasn't feeling to hot from the initial needle stick. It only took once, but the nurse said, "Oh, that's a deep vein" and WHAM...jabbed that son of a bitch in me....YOWZERS! Then the blood stopped flowing about midway and they jabbed that SOB in farther. My arm still feels like I have a needle in it. So I got done before Stephanie since she's a tiny little thing and evidently is a slow bleeder, so I went to down some O.J. and crackers before I passed out....a few minutes later I look over and see her chair back flat and her feet up in the air..."DONOR DOWN" Nah...she was fine...just took a minute to feel better and she needed some cookies and juice to help feel better too! All in all, it wasn't horrible, but I'm not doing it again anytime took almost 2 hours, so I had to use my lunch hour for that as well. But it made for an easy day at work. Just wish we didn't have to go back tomorrow! I still wasn't feeling so hot when I got home at 4:30, so I layed down and I just woke up at I probably messed up my chance for a good night sleep after taking a 3 hour nap. Oh well, I needed it! Well, that was my excitement for the day! Talk to you later!


  1. I used to give blood, but it makes me so ill for so long (about 10 days) that I don't me an irregular heartbeat that the medicines can't control well did yer duty, no one can blame you for not wanting to do it regularly!!!

  2. Good for you Jenn! I used to give on a regular basis when I was home. I have deep veins to, but not the fear of needles. I give you props for donating to help save a life!!