Monday, February 9, 2009

I Don't Like Mondays!

Well, it's Monday...the worst day of the week in my opinion! It was a busy day at work due to everyone being out of the office last week with the flu...craziness how fast the stuff spreads! My day looked up though when I got home and went thru the mail to find the bracelet I won from Sarah In's pretty cool! Click on the link to check out her Etsy Shop!

Not a whole lot going on here. Been busy working on blog headers for people, but am pretty much caught up for now! Don't forget that this month is "National Follow Me" month and I'll make you a free blog header just for following my blog and putting my button on your it a bribe, but I like to think of it as great advertising! Anyways, blog about it and tell your friends...end of February is the deadline to get in your requests!

Well, sorry I don't have anything too thrilling to blog about tonight...just wanted to show off my super cool bracelet! Anyways, have a great week! Hugs!


  1. Congrats! That bracelet is to die for! Sarah does such great work!

  2. I'm with ya on the Monday thing. Mine was so crappy I'm JUST NOW catching up to my bloggy "responsibliites". WOW I love that you are willing to go SOOOO far for followers! A girl after my own heart! I'll be picking up your button and letting my other minions.. I mean followers.. know about the bribe. Though their numbers went down by 2 over night (what is up with that? Do I smell or something?), I still have a few AND I know that some of them will be allover this one. Hope your week got better.

  3. Shameless follower promotion can be found here

  4. I'm 100% positive I could keep your blog up all night just for the music, lol.

    I also think that your background pattern is a scrapbook paper that I have. That I LOVE.

    I too hate mondays. But this music.. MAN. I love this music.