Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not A Happy Camper!

Man, this has been some day! Work was slow and boring as usual. My best friend at work who is away on vacation did make my day this morning by calling me though and telling me she bought me something I'd love. She's at Disney World, so I'd probably love anything she found, but she knows I love the Cheshire Cat. Not sure why exactly, since I'm not a big fan of cats, but I like the character...he's just so sneeky...gotta love it! Then 4:00 came around...punched out and go down to the lobby of the building...look out the window and my fiance, Dan wasn't there yet. I've tried and tried on the cell and never got him...finally had to call a cab...luckily I got paid today or I would have been screwed! Cab ride is $30 from work to home....erks me just thinking about that! Then I get home and realize the punk took my car keys this morning and of course my keys to the apartment are on the key chain, so I was locked out. So I had to walk over to the leasing office in -35 degree weather and ask them to let me in and they gave me a spare set of keys to use and return tomorrow....I thought my face was going to fall off by the time I got home. It took a good 30 minutes or so for the red to go away on my face and though out. I could feel the inside of my nose freezing.....I HATE CHICAGO WEATHER!!! I must get out of this cold state by next winter!!! I'm a sunshine and palm trees girl!

Luckily, I had a banner project to work on for my friend over at Primative Mom of Two. Check out her etsy store. It's just full of all sorts of goodies! Anyways, it helped to cool my jets to work on that little project for a while.

Anyways, hope y'all had a better evening than I did! Don't forget to sign up for my's over at 4pm CST tomorrow, so I'll be picking a winner tomorrow after work! Have a good night!


  1. Oh I would of been livid if I had to pay for a cab fair of $30 and then find myself locked outside when I arrive home. Hubby knows he would of been dead meat...LOL.

    I know exactly what you mean by -35 temperatures. We are getting the same weather. I couldn't imagine walking outside in this weather. I would just cry! Days like these, you could loose a finger or two...

    Happy to hear that you are in a better though.


  2. Glad I could help you cool your jets a bit, but i think i would still chew out Mr. Man just for the principle of it...hehe and thanks for the plug in your blog...:)