Thursday, February 26, 2009

Howdy, Howdy, Howdy! blog title makes no sense, but I was just on another blog that was playing that song "You've Got A Friend In Me" from the Disney Pixar movie "Toy Story" and it just made me think of that line...gotta love good 'ol Disney movies! Always put a smile on my face!
So, what's everyone up to this evening?? Not much here, just doing some laundry & watching movies and listening to the rain. Can't believe it's February and we are having thunderstorms...craziness! At least it's not snow!
Man...I stopped to pick up my inhaler that my doc prescribed for my asthma and I pulled up to the drive thru to get it and they were like $30! I'm like "WHAT??" Is that the generic??" & they said they didn't have a generic for that inhaler, so I didn't pick it up, thinking I could call the doctor and have him just prescribe a generic, so it would be cheaper...I've never paid over $10 for an inhaler. Well, I called the office and they said they'd check and call me back, so about an hour later the nurse called back and said she looked at the prices of all inhalers and they all range from $30-$60. She said she thinks they all went up in price because they are no longer aerosol inhalers, in order to help the environment! I'm all about saving the environment, but jacking up the price of a cheap little inhaler is just ridiculous! I'll just suffer for now because I'm too stubborn to fork out the money for something I don't need all that often.
After I went to the doctor yesturday, I went to pull out of the lot and got so excited....they put up a SONIC DRIVE-IN! We love Sonic and it's been some kind of sick and cruel joke for years because up here in Chicagoland they always have Sonic commercials running, but we had no Sonic's in the area...closest ones were clear up in Wisconsin or half way into Indiana! Now we have like 4 within a 50 mile we have one about 7 miles away...WOO-HOO! Can't decide if that is good or bad! At least if we crave it now, it's nice to know we actually have one we can go to now! doesn't take much to excite me!

Sorry about the complete randomness of my blog tonight...I'm hyper as hell for some reason and just whatever is coming off the tips of my fingers. Well, I'm heading out to my parents house tomorrow after work, so not sure if I'll post over the weekend! Don't forget that this is the last chance to get to put in your requests for free blog headers! Follow my blog by February 28 11:59pm and e-mail me your requests! Make sure to let people know! Well, I'd better go get in a nice hot bubble's calling my name! Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Talk to you all later!


  1. The new powder inhalers are costing a fortune now. Which will mean people won't be able to afford to properly control their asthma...*sigh*...glad you have a Sonic now, my son says the food is very tasty but a "heart attack special" in general!

  2. Ohhh Sonic, yes there food is yummy, I crave the chili cheese tots on occasion, but everything is sooo greasy that it's a once every couple of months treat.

    Have fun at home, tell everyone I said HI! /wave

  3. You have been awarded another blog award...come check it out at my blog.