Monday, January 19, 2009

Yeah...An Extra Day Off! ***GIVEAWAY***

Good afternoon y'all! What's everyone up to today?? It was so nice to wake up this morning and not have to get up and get ready for work! So far, this morning I haven't gotten a whole lot accomplished. I'm hoping I'll get a boost of energy here shortly so I can start in on laundry, dishes, typical housework that I'd typically do over the weekend, but I put it off until today...Oh well, it was a nice weekend to just be able to relax for a couple of days. Last night, I wasn't tired at all, so I stayed up and crocheted on a scarf I'd been working on for a couple of hours. Before that, I decided to created another giveaway! So don't miss out! Make sure to leave a comment to sign up at the below blog or just click on the giveaway pic in this blog and it'll take you to the post you need to go to, to enter. There are also three other ways to get entries, so tell you're friends if they want a chance at a custom made blog header or Etsy banner! Giveaway ends on Friday afternoon! Well, I guess I'd better get the laundry started and the dishes done, so I won't be working on it all tonight! Well, enjoy you're extra day off this week...I know I am! Yak at ya later!

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