Saturday, January 17, 2009

Introducing - Village Peddler Graphics

Well, I finally did it...I opened up an Etsy shop today to try to get myself some business in selling custom made Blog Headers, Etsy Banners, Business Cards, Avatars, etc. The Etsy Shop is called Village Peddler Graphics. The winner of my blog header giveaway was so impressed with her banner I made her, she requested a smaller banner, two buttons/avatars and a business card. She was my first sale this morning & really gave me a boost of confidence since I'm my own worst critic. I'm just so excited she was so thrilled with everything I did. So, I've been on kind of a high all day from that, so I've been working tediously all day trying to set up an Etsy shop and doing some other graphic stuff. I posted a banner in my sidebar for my Etsy Shop and another banner that just has my e-mail address on it if you'd rather just e-mail me if you're interested. Either way is fine by me...I think I linked that banner to the Etsy shop to if you click on it. Anyways, I'm open for business...bring it on! I'm feeling super creative this weekend and would love to have some stuff to work on! Anyways, hope everyone is having as much as a fabulous day as I am. Talk to you guys later!


  1. WooHoo Jenn !! I freakin' LOVE my new header (& everything else too)!! I've been busy printing business cards & changing my banners & ad buttons everywhere !! My daughter actually paused at the computer while I was on my blog & said "Wow ~ where did THAT come from ~ it looks great & suits you perfectly" High praise coming from an 18 year old girl !!

  2. Grats Jen! I told you people would love your work. I have been busy workin on my store as well..still have projects to finish..thanks for heartin my shop!